The site is characterized by the predominance of wide open spaces: the football field circled by the athletics tracks are on the edge of the town centre in the heart of farming land. The challenge was to conceive “architectures” where the limit between the landscaped and the building, between nature and artifice, between the context and the project fades and disappears.

Our aim is to go beyond the traditional separation between architecture and town planning, not to conceive constructions as “isolated” objects “parachuted” in space, “accompanied” by a landscaping scheme simply filling in the “voids” left by the buildings.

There is no longer a “base of building”, no “crowning of facades”, and no external landscaping but rather a project inscribed inside a continuous and natural movement of the terrain, in the making of an “orography” where the spectators find themselves sheltered in an almost natural concavity of the land.

  • LOCATION: Le Neubourg (27)
  • CLIENT: Commune de Le Neubourg
  • DESIGN TEAM : B+C Architectes
  • BRIEF : Sports complex (including reception hall, changing rooms, the stands, an athletics track) and laying out of the outside spaces -  substainable approach
  • AREA : 987m² et 23 000m² outside spaces
  • TOTAL COST : 3.6 M€ for 1.8 M€ the building
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