Invited Design Competition 2018

The proposed spectator stands are protected by a roof split into 3 elements or “blades” of different lengths marking the hierarchy between the different grounds.

The central roof is revealed on its own as it extends towards the “east-west axis” marking the main entrance to each main stand.

It is intended to be seen as a real “roof-horizon”, a landmark in the landscape, opposing its horizontality to the natural slopes of the terrain.

  • LOCATION : Le Havre (76)
  • CLIENT : City of Le Havre (76)
  • DESIGN TEAM : Florence Mercier Paysagiste  / B+C Architectes
  • BRIEF : Restructuring of the Yuri Gagarin stadiums including soccer, hockey, rugby, american football and baseball grounds.
  • AREA : 2 340m² + 74 400m² outdoor spaces
  • TOTAL COST : 10,80 M €







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