The project located in the residential area of Vert-Galant, south-west of the city centre of Tremblay-en-France, includes the construction of 41 social / affordable dwellings and a commercial space destined to become the main entrance of the adjoining Jacques Tati cinema.

The idea of the project is to create a real « bi-frontal » architecture:

Street front

With a homogeneous treatment of a horizontal “open” timber screen treatment punctuated by the openings conceived as “bow windows” reaching out to capture the light.

This screen reveals alternating opaque and transparent areas where the loggias partly set back are protected by the same timber screen which can be opened and adds a real dynamic movement to the façade.

The ground floor is treated with a regular series of alternating glazed panels, concrete panels and sliding metal panels aligned with the loggia allowing for protection and intimacy for the dwellings facing the pavement.

On the avenue General de Gaulle a large glazed bay marks the entrance to the future entrance and administration offices for the adjoining “Jacques Tati” cinema.

The street facade is thus marked by three distinct horizontal layers giving appropriate scale to the building:

  • the ground floor, “base of the building” representing the transition line with the public space
  • the main façade with its homogeneous treatment
  • the top  floor treated as a “mansard roof”

At the top, the building dematerializes, the open cladding becoming a « coupe-vent” or wind-breaker which dissimulates the technical plant located on the roof, an “unfinished” composition allowing views onto the green roof landscape beyond.

Garden front

In contrast to the homogeneous street facade a counterpoint is made on the garden side with a fragmented and deconstructed frontage, characterized by large overhanging terraces following a “stepped back” graduated profile which “individualizes” and protects the privacy of each terrace.

The building on this side becomes «landscape », the terraces can even be transformed into bioclimatic greenhouses thanks to sliding folding highly resistant ETFE screens which add further protection and privacy.

In addition each terrace, which  is fitted with additional storage spaces, is treated as a second outdoor “living room” , a unifying element between the outside and the internal rooms, living rooms, kitchens and where possible the bedrooms.

Here, the facade constituted of an alternating pattern composed of glazed panels and concrete panels. It’s conceived to allow the tenants to “personalize” their terrace according to their needs and wishes, choose the way to make use of it, adding in this way to the “mutability” of the façade and to the construction of “the image and appearance” of their own dwelling envelope.


  • LOCATION : Tremblay en France (93) – Avenue du General de Gaulle
  • DESIGN TEAM B+C Architects
  • BRIEF : Construction of 41 flats and commercial space – Cerification NF Habitat HQE
  • AREA : 3 020 m2
  • TOTAL COST : 5.18M €


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