Invited Design Competition 2018

The idea of ​​the project is to make the new athletics track the real “heart” of the equipment.

The dimensional constraints related to the site meant that the building components and outdoor track not treated as separate parts but are conceived as one interacting entity.

The sports centre becomes an assembly of three parts:

  • to the south, a pole made up of boxing and judo halls, their changing rooms and offices;
  • to the north, a pole made up of dance halls and bodybuilding with their changing rooms;
  • in the central part these two entities are linked by a fully glazed hall providing transparency and complete visual permeability from the street right through the site with the athletics track being established in continuity of the hall along the Est West entrance axis


  • LOCATION : Vigneux-sur-Seine (91)
  • CLIENT : City of Vigneux-sur-Seine (91)
  • DESIGN TEAM : B+C Architectes
  • BRIEF : Extension of the sports complex Baquet with box, martial arts, danse and bodybuilding spaces
  • AREA : 1 270m² + 1 200m² outdoor spaces
  • TOTAL COST : 3,15 M €







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