The site being in an area of low density, the idea for the building started with a simple pitched roof volume “sculpted” by subtraction and making three volumes “emerge” in the landscape. The largest of these is the theatre, the others are spaces needing double height (library reading room and meeting rooms) and the apartment for the caretaker on the first floor.

The three volumes thus modeled are articulated around the “void”, a sort of raised “farm courtyard” completely “greened”. Skylights allow natural lighting to penetrate the activity spaces next to the theatre.

At the heart of the new centre, the plants “conquer” the building, modifying its image in time and along the seasons, giving a timeless almost “piranesian” character.

  • LOCATION : Saint-Witz (95)
  • CLIENT: Commune de Saint-Witz (95)
  • DESIGN TEAM : B+C Architectes
  • BRIEF : Multi-purpose center and auditorium with 200 seats – lost competition
  • AREA : 1 126m2
  • TOTAL COST  : 3 M€
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