Robert Diochon stadium – Le Petit-Quevilly, Normandy, France
Day nursery and child care centre A. Satragne – Paris 10th, France
Playtime I, Tremblay-en-France
Office building « les horizons », Clichy (92)
University of Cergy-Pontoise – Rehabilitation of the canvas awning – site Saint-Martin
Social housing rehabilitation, Chelles (77)
Social housing – Cours de la République, Tremblay-en-France
Public day-nursery Jules Guesde, Paris
Rehabilitation and residentialization of the Descartes residence in Tremblay-en-France (93)
Construction of the New Primary School in Albino – Bergamo, Italy
Barilla Pavillon International Competition – Pedrignano – Parma, Italy
Extension of the sports center Baquet – Vigneux-sur-Seine (91)
Restructuring of the Yuri Gagarin stadiums- Le Havre (76)
Reconstruction of the football stadium M. Aubour in Saint-Tropez (83) – Winning project
Rehabilitation of the Eugénie Cotton Residence – Tremblay-en-France (93)
Restructuring / creation of a nursery – ZAC Maison Blanche – Neuilly-sur-Marne (93)
Construction of a Childhood Centre – ZAC des Bassins – Cherbourg (50)
Construction of the new archaeological museum – Nicosia, Cyprus (CY)
Transformation of a parking building into a social residence – Passage Dubail – Paris
Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
Medical school Building facilities, University of Cyprus
Football stadium, Cergy-Pontoise (FR)
Ilôt Prévert, Tremblay-en-France
Office fit out, Clichy (FR)
Bourbon Lane, London
Poliveau, Paris
Palais Omnisports, Lisieux
Place des Droits de l’Homme, Tremblay-en-France
Stadium, Le Neubourg
Palais Omnisports, Deauville-Trouville
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