In this period of urban “sprawl” and the expansion of the city in a sea of buildings and houses like a drop of oil on water, our architectural reflexion is focused on how to combine the advantage of living in the city with that of wanting to “live in the countryside”.

Our response was to develop the dwellings concentrically around a central open court and an external glasshouse enveloping completely the building.

The system is conceived in such a way that each resident can choose at any time how and when to orientate his balcony, to organize and to plant his terrace wit the maximum of flexibility. In such a way each family will contribute to the making of the envelope and as such to the image of his apartment.

  • LOCATION : Bergamo (Italy)
  • CLIENT: Agogroup SRL
  • DESIGN TEAM : B+C Architectes
  • BRIEF : Studies for a bio climatic housing building – lost competition
  • AREA : 1 142 m²
  • TOTAL COST  : 950 K€
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